Saving Money On Cleaning Supplies For Your Business


Money is tight for everyone at the minute, including many businesses, and you will want to do everything you can to save money on the running costs of your company. There are various ways that you can look to save some money, such as switching energy suppliers, reducing your energy usage, and you can also save money on cleaning supplies for your business. Although the money you save on cleaning supplies may not be massive, it can be substantial when you add up the savings over a year. Below are some tips to help you save money on your cleaning supplies while still getting quality products.

Make A Shopping List Of Supplies

It is worth reviewing your last year’s records and seeing what cleaning supplies you bought and the quantity. You can create a shopping list of everything you will need, and you can put this into a spreadsheet to help you compare suppliers to see which is best for the different products required. You can have a separate page on your spreadsheet for each product needed and include various supplier information on it, including:

  • Website Link
  • Unit Price
  • Discounts Available
  • Delivery Charge
  • Lead Time
  • Company Details

You must ensure that you have all the cleaning supplies on your list, including aluminium cleaner, bleach, floor cleaner, and other supplies you need. Once your shopping list is complete, you can start searching for the best price on all the required products and compare the different suppliers.

Searching For Products Online

The more you search for each product you require, the better your chance of finding the best supplier. You should try and get around ten different suppliers on your spreadsheet for each product you need, showing you a broad cross-section of the available suppliers. Ensure you input all the information into your spreadsheet accurately, and once you have completed all the products in it, you can start comparing suppliers to find the best price.

The Cheapest Price Is Not Always Best

You will need to do lots of comparing when searching for the best supplier of your cleaning products, and sometimes the lowest unit price is not always the best option. Many companies use as few suppliers as possible, which can help reduce the delivery cost of their orders, which you need to keep in mind when comparing prices. If one supplier has something you need cheaper than anywhere else, look at the delivery charge and see if they have any more items you need. If you only buy one thing from this company, the products can be more expensive when you include the delivery charges, so the cheapest options are not always the best.

Buy In Bulk

You can also save money on your cleaning supplies when purchasing them in bulk if you have available storage space. You can buy a year’s worth of cleaning supplies in one go, and there are often sliding discounts with the more units you buy. If you have the space and funds available, it is worth buying in bulk, especially if there is no expiration date on the items you are purchasing. With a bit of searching around and comparison shopping, you can save money on your cleaning supplies and help your business save money.

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